Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Social Media for Church Conferences, Workshops. Conventions, Assemblies and More!

We chatted about best practices for using social media 
to extend the reach of public events.

This week's chat moderated by Meredith Gould (@meredithgould)

T1: What are your pet peeves about social media for church events/conferences?
T2: What’s your best counsel for ensuring social media success during church events/conferences?
T3: Most people would say Twitter is an essential platform to use, which other(s) would you consider important? Why?

For Fun: For which church event (any denomination!) would you love to live-tweet?

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Monday, September 22, 2014

#ChSocM Chat Preview: Social Media for Conferences, Workshops, Diocesan Conventions, Synod Assemblies and More!

Prep for #ChSocM chat Tuesday, September 23 at 9PM ET.

My church social media life on Twitter really ramped up a few notches when, from the comfort of my home (and in my pjs) I attended the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church and the ELCA Churchwide Assembly. In 2009.

I watched whatever was livestreamed, followed hashtags, and plunged into conversations with people attending in person as well as people following along online. 

Some of those I met during those Twitter-based conversations have become dear colleagues and friends. 

My appreciation for and commitment to ecumenism was also reinforced by being able to observe and participate. (More about that in this post, Ecumenical Escapades

Back then, hashtags had not yet permeated the general culture. Churches were just beginning to experiment with them, not quite realizing how doing so would extend reach and expand conversation. 

It's now 2014 and on any given day and almost every weekend, we can go fishing in the Twitterstream and catch up with an abundance of events. (You just want to soak in that metaphor, right?) 

Resistance to using hashtags for church events doesn't seem to be much of an issue these days, but competency still is...for some. 

This week's we'll focus on using social media to make public events even more public. Come gather online at 9PM ET on September 23 and let's chat!

Note: Since February 2014, this guide to Live Tweeting Church Events has racked up 6000+ views and I find myself in frequent conversation about best practices.

Friday, September 19, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Supporting, Monitoring, and Protecting Teens on Social Media

We chatted about the near-perpetual challenge of 
supporting, monitoring, and protecting teens on social media.

Tonight's chat moderated by Carolyn Clement (@singingcarolyn)

T1: At least 90% of teens have used social media. What have you noticed about the way teens use social media? T1: (cont). What apps are must-haves for the teens in your congregation? 

T2 Prep: Probably most teens in your church are using social media, and many adults too. 
T2. What are the differences you notice in the way teens & adults use social media? 

T3 prep: Think about the ways Jesus ministered to others: healing, spending time with, teaching about & showing love...what else? 
T3: How do you see teens using social media to do those same things? Heal, spend time with, teach, show love…etc 
T3a How can we encourage teens in the online ministry they are already engaged in? 

T4 Prep: We know kids can get into trouble on social media. 
T4: What are some of the dangers that you have seen for kids on social media? 
T4a: As the body of Christ, what are our responsibilities in helping kids be safe online & how can we do that? 

T5: What can we offer parents of teens to help them equip them to provide social media guidance to their teens? 

Bonus: Anyone have a link to a great resource for social media youth ministry? Please share!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Plan Ahead for October!

Dare to Plan Ahead!

Tonight's chat moderated by Regina Heater (@reckshow

T1 September often marks a kickoff for ministries. Are you “kicking off” any #chsocm -specific ministries this fall? 
T2 What’s your community’s major non-chsocm focus or goal this Fall? 
T2b How can you use #chsocm to facilitate this focus/goal? 
T3 How might you enhance interfaith relations during the Jewish High Holy Days with #chsocm? 

Halloween is an obvious fall holiday we can leverage for #chsocm. See this transcript from last year for some ideas http://goo.gl/446lNF But let’s talk other October opportunities. 

T4 Oct. is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What role does #chsocm have in spreading awareness of health issues? 
T5 What are some Lesser Feasts/Fasts/Dates coming up that we can use #chsocm to mark? 

 For our closing prayer/benediction, would each of you offer a prayer/blessing to the community?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Equipping and Empowering Leaders

We chatted about what we need,
technologically and spiritually,
to lead and inspire others to use social media.

Tonight's chat moderated by Neal Fischer (@nealffischer)

Topics inspired by Jesse Gruber's (@jesseagruber) post about equipping and empowering others with technology. Read it here.

Topic one: Physical Goals. To do our jobs there are certain "things" required to achieve our goals. #chsocm

T1: What are the things you “need” to have in place to do your job as a communicator? #chsocm
T1A: What are the things that you “want/would like” to have to do your job better? #chsocm
T1B: What are your plans/goals to get the things that you want to do your job better?

Topic two: Leadership Goals. We here are all leaders in this field on some level.
T2: What does your #chsocm team look like now?
T2A: What would you like your #chsocm team to look like in the future?
T2B: What are your plans/goals to get to the ideal team? #chsocm

Topic three: Spiritual Goals. Led by the Spirit.
T3:We have more access to #chsocm info than ever before. What is our responsibility to share it?
T3A: What would you like to see your congregation/members do with the #chsocm you provide?
T3B: What are your plans/goals to make this happen?

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