Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Ideas for Observing Holy Days (Pentecost) and Other Celebrations

Sharing ideas for holy days, like Pentecost, 
and happy moments, like graduations,
in the coming months.

This week's chat moderated by Regina Heater (@reckshow)

T1: What’s a #chsocm -specific way to celebrate Mother’s Day?
T2: How can you use #chsocm to be sensitive to & honor women who are not mothers?
T3: Pentecost is May 24. Let’s brainstorm some #chsocm-specific ways to share abt it. Go!

This time of year can be busy with milestone moments like Communions & Confirmations.
T4: What milestone moments will your community celebrate between now & summer?
T4a: How will you incorporate #chsocm into these milestones?
TBonus: What caught your eye this week on the interwebs? hashtag? video? another chat? image? Share!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Social Media Sunday: Going Ecumenical for #SMS15

Alerting all #ChSocM Enthusiasts!
This year's Social Media Sunday* is
October 25, 2015

* Website with resources and tips coming soon. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: When Leaders or Congregations Resist Social Media Efforts

What to do when leaders or congregations
aren't jumping on the social media bandwagon.

Tonight's chat moderated by Carolyn Clement (@singingcarolyn) 

1. What once kept you, a fan of social media, from trying it?
2. What are the reasons you hear from hold-outs in your church about why they don't use or value social media?
3. Knowing why people, reasonably people, won't use social media (yet!), let's address some of their specific concerns...
4. What have you done to help people get over their reservations about using social media?
5. What can you plan and do in the next six months to help your community get more comfortable using social media?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Building Community Throughout the Easter Season

What worked and what didn't during Holy Week?
Also, how about some self-care?

Tonight's chat moderated by Meredith Gould (@meredithgould)

T1: Which social media efforts worked well during Holy Week? How do you know?
T2: Which social media efforts didn’t work well during Holy Week? How do you know?
T3: How will you use digital technology to welcome visitors back to your community?
T4: How will you use #chsocm to prepare for Pentecost (5/24)?
Understatement: lots of energy goes into observing Lent and celebrating Easter. Communicating faith is not a part-time job and so… T5: How might you use social media to support self-care and rest for the next 48 days of Easter?

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: A Grab/Goody Bag of Topics!

A grab/goody bag of topics...all having to do 
with church social media, of course!

This week's chat moderated by Amy Rork (@azrork)

T1: They responded to our #chsocm invite to worship at Easter, now what do I do? i.e., Follow-up strategies & best practice #chsocm.
T2: After an intense time like Lent/Easter, do you experience #ChSocM burnout? What inspires you to keep it up?
T3: What does online ministry look like when your congregation isn’t online?
T4: How might those of us with lots of #ChSocM experience best serve those without?
T5: Streaming video apps have been all over the news this week. Any #ChSocM potential?
T6: An @FPCGV pastor recently experienced a health crisis while overseas. How would you handle getting out (or controlling) info via #chsocm? Do you have a plan?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Assuaging Fear and Encouraging Engagement via Social Media

Fear, Moses, Loving thy neighbor, and more. 

This week's chat moderated by Neal Fischer (@nealffischer)

T1: Why is there so much fear of #chsocm?
T1a: What steps do you take to assuage these #chsocm fears?
T2: You have gone to the mountaintop with Moses. When you come down with the tablets, what are the 10 #chsocm commandments?
T3: What are some things your congregation gains by having an active and engaged online presence? T3a: What steps are you taking to increase activity and engagement on #chsocm?
T4: What are some functions Facebook could serve in your ministry? #
T5: As #chsocm becomes more visual, what are some ideas for getting started with video?
Any final tweets of inspiration?

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