About #ChSocM

Church Social Media = #ChSocM

#chsocm is the hashtag to identify content and conversation about church social media. Anyone interested in promoting social media to build church and faith is invited to use #chsocm to tag material that will inform, educate, and inspire others.

#chsocm is a Twitter-based chat held each Tuesday at 9:00 PM (Eastern Time). Started in July 2011, this chat provides an opportunity for individuals from all denominations to discuss topics of mutual interest. 

Participants include church administrators and communicators; church lay leadership; clergy; marketing professionals for non-profit organizations and religious publishers; religion educators; seminarians; religion writers; and more. 
All are always welcome to participate and to suggest topics for reflection and conversation by sending a tweet/DM to @chsocm or an email here.
To receive reminders and updates about #chsocm chats, please follow @chsocm. For helpful hints about participating in this tweetchat, check out the easy-peasy guide archived at slideshare.