Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#ChSocM chat: Planning for Late Spring and Summer

The Topic: The Next Season starts..right now.

This week's (04/26/16) chat moderated by Regina Heater / @reckshow

T1: How has social & digital media enabled you to experience God’s creation?
T2: Images help connect us to beauty around the world & in our own yard. What tools do you use to create/share images?
T3: Maybe this begs the question: not just how but why should we support local groups taking care of earth?
T4: Show&Share time! Can you share an example/link of a way you’ve used #chsocm to share natural beauty/creation?
T4b: What kind of response do you get when you share posts about caring for creation or God’s creatures?
T5: Let's talk hashtags. What #s can you use for Earth Day to connect your story to the story around you.
T6: Has your parish #CreationCare min used #social to garner excitement about their ministry? Why/Why not?

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