Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#ChSocM chat: Privacy and Copyright

The Topic: What you use, why you use it, and what to keep an eye for when you share those images.

This week's (05/03/16) chat moderated by Melinda Mitchell / @revmindi

T1: What guidelines for privacy and/or copyright on #chsocm has your denomination/governing body provided?
T2: How often do you check your website and #chsocm for privacy and/or copyright violations?
T3: What sources do you use for images, music, video etc. for #chsocm?
T3a: How do you check for copyright/user rights for photos, music, etc. posted to #chsocm?
T3b: Anyone pay a service to show video clips or music?
T4: Final thoughts? Suggestions? Other resources we haven't discussed? Any questions you have that you want to ask?

Read the transcript on Storify

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