Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#ChSocM chat: Let It Goooooooo

The Topic: When, why, and how to step away from #chsocm projects

This week's (05/10/16) chat moderated by Beth Felice / @bfelice

T1: Back to that noodle on the wall to start a #chsocm project. Have you ever? Would you never? No wrong answers
T2: In the early #chsocm days we “sat on the real estate” as new media channels emerged, claiming a name. Valid now?
T3: St.Swithun’s is on Twitter!Rather the deacon & 1member after 1yr and 3 tweet workshops. Keep the account?
T3a: How long is a fair trial for a new #chsocm space? What % of community reach is a success?
T4: Might you share a great #chsocm you created that never took off? Ahead of its time? Let it go? Mothballed?
T5: You’ll discontinue the account. Keep an archive, a record of what was tried and accomplished?

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