Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#ChSocM chat: WWJD (What Would Jesus Design)

The Topic: Graphics-a-go-go.

This week's (05/24/16) chat moderated by Beth Felice (@bfelice)

T1a: your current most used font
T1b: font Jesus' words should be set in
T1c: font Jesus would choose
T2: Does legibility-readability trump design? #chsocm
T2a: Any good social media specific ADA checking sites you use, like the old Bobby?
T3: Images fill in the blank: I ________ use stock photos.
T3a: Share one stock photo triumph or disaster....
T4: We often have to find images to represent/complement theology. How do you brainstorm finding these?
T4a: Cliche images--do you steer clear? try to frame them in a fresh way? try to localize them?

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