Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#ChSocM chat: Crowdsourcing (to a new level)

The Topic: After the Alleluias - Crowdsourcing (to a new level). Let's learn from each other!

This week's (04/05/16) chat moderated by Jason Chesnut / @crazypastor

T1: Outside of any specifics, what makes for a good, powerful online presence for a faith community? (In your opinion.)
T2: What’s the one thing that you see on a ministry’s social media profile that is an immediate deal-breaker for you?
T3: What have you found the most difficult in cultivating your *own* online ministry presence?
T4: How about deal-makers in #chsocm? What are the best examples you’ve seen of a ministry’s online presence? What excites you?
T5: (bonus) What examples of ministry content have you seen that might be so bad they…make Jesus weep? ;)

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