Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#ChSocM chat: After the Alleluias

The Topic: After the Alleluias - Easter, Holy Week & Lent on social Media.

This week's (03/29/16) chat moderated by Beth Felice / @bfelice

T1: This Lent, Holy Week, Easter-did you have/see a #chsocm post that took flight? Or brought engagement? Tell us!
T1a: Was the result of that #chsocm post/s unexpected or did you have suspicion it would take off?
T2. There were so many Lenten programs with #chsocm this year-did any knock your socks off?
T3. Any #chsocm uses that are beginning to feel contrived or formulaic to you?
T4. Baselines & best practices don’t always predict our reality. What was your % of new #chsocm content v. re-tweet/gram/post this season?
T4a. Tell us, do you favorite/heart/like your own
T5: A tweet, an IG, & a FB post walk into a coffeehouse to compare their #chsocm Triduum-who told the story best?

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