Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#ChSocM chat: #StillEaster

The Topic: To many Easter is just one day but for the rest of us, the work continues. How do you keep the momentum of Easter going online?

This week's (04/12/16) chat moderated by Kwame Pitts / @SpiritualGypsy

T1: When folks are waning and falling back into the shadows of the norm, how do we keep the spirit of Easter alive?
T2: What would Easter Sunday look like instead of or including a sermon, we shared &witnessed publicly the resurrection in our lives
T3: What does that mean “Now the work begins?” to you and your ministry? Are you embarking on anything new with regards to public ministry or advocacy in the spirit of Easter?
T4: New season, new tools. What new SM tools are essential in the here and now, with this public ministry in Easter?

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