Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#ChSocM chat: 11/18/15 Advent. Pre-Christmas. Preparing The Way. Getting Ready for Getting Ready.

#ChSocM Chat: Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Tonight’s topic: using social media to foster gratitude and Thanksgiving

This week's (11/18/15) chat moderated by Regina Heater (@reckshow)

  1. T1 What does Advent mean to you?
    T2 What are some events/activities of Advent you look forward to?
    T3 Will you do something on social media specifically to observe Advent?
    T4 What are some simple, practical items on your #chsocm to-do list as we head to Advent?
    Thinking of the shared resources & collaboration seen during #SMS15
    T5 How can the #chsocm community share & collaborate for Advent efforts? 
    T6 Name a few things not directly related to church that you can share to help ppl celebrate Advent & Christmas. 
    TBonus What is your favorite hymn or song of Advent?

    Read the transcript on Storify.

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