Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#ChSocM chat: 11/24/15. Pastoral care and community via social media.

Tonight’s topic: Pastoral care and community via social media

This week's (11/24/15) chat moderated by Alan Rudnick(@alanrudnick)

Topics: T1: Terrorist attacks have captured our national attention. What social media elements were helpful? Links?
T2: What resources/sites do you use for social media content that connects in times of national tragedy?
T3: What pastoral/community care opportunities via social media have arose for you from a local tragedy?
T4: Holidays can be painful for those who have lost loved ones. How can we connect/care using social media?
BONUS: What is an unique Thanksgiving food that is a must at your table?

Read the Storify transcript here. 

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