Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#ChSocM Chat: Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Tonight’s topic: using social media to foster gratitude and Thanksgiving

This week's (11/10/15) chat moderated by Paul Steinbrueck (@paulsteinbrueck)

1: What #ChSocM plans do you have related to Thanksgiving?
2: What are some ways we can use #ChSocM encourage an attitude of gratitude?
3: Continuing on the idea of modeling gratitude, what are some ways we can use #ChSocM to thank people in our churches?holidays?
4: What are some ways we can use #ChSocM to encourage and organize generosity within and outside the church?
5: Kind of a free for all question. What other comments, questions, thoughts related to gratitude & Thanksgiving do you have?
6: What's one action step you're going to take as a result of our conversation today?

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