Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Managing Resistance, Negativity and Other Buzz Kills

Looks like there's still a "hermeneutic of suspicion"
when it comes to church and social media. We chatted
about best practices for dealing with naysayers.

This week's chat moderated by David Hansen (@Rev_David)

T1: Worst reactions to new tech/social media that you have seen in ministry.
T2: What are your best practices for getting the naysayers on board? #chsocm
T3: At what point do you decide that the institutional resistance to #chsocm is too much to try and overcome?
T4: What are your best practices for working around institutional roadblocks/resistance?
T5:What is the thing you want to brag about from your #chsocm ministry this summer?

Slide from Meredith Gould

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