Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: 3/4/14: Volunteers, Volunteering and Ministry

We chatted about volunteers whose mission and ministry
 is social media, and how to recruit, encourage, and support them. 

Tonight's chat moderated by Carolyn Clement (@singingcarolyn)

T1a A question for all: how did you get started doing #chsocm? What moved you to begin?
T1b Looking at the T1a responses, what can we learn about identifying those in our congregations who might be interested in #chsocm ministry?
T2: So, let’s say we’ve found some folks interested in helping with #chsocm. How shall we train them? Who does that training?
T3a: We all need to feel appreciated & supported in our ministry. Volunteers: what, specifically, encourages you in your #chsocm work?
T3b: Another question for volunteers: What do you need from your church to most effectively do #chsocm?
T4 a quick Q about managing #chsocm volunteers: what kind of control should (can?) clergy have in social media use?
Parting thoughts about paid and unpaid #ChSocM ministry.

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