Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: 2/25/14: WhatsApp, Messaging Platforms, Lent.

Chatting about new platforms (e.g. whatsapp) 
and social media during Lent. 

Tonight's chat moderated by Alan Rudnick (@alanrud

1. With the news of ​FB buying whatsapp, ​how we can use such messaging services for ​#​chsocm? 2. Mozilla announced ​they're developing a $25 smartphone. How could churches use this for #chsocm ministry? Budgeting, training, etc.
3. Will you take a digital or social media fast during Lent? Why or why not?
4a. How will you use ​#​chsocm ​for Ash Wednesday and other Lenten activities? For instance, "Lenten Photo a Day."
4b. What other #chsocm ideas do you have for Lent?

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