Thursday, June 13, 2013

Got Information? Opinions? Consider posting to #ChSocM Blog

Once the list of blogs focusing on church social media or church tech was very short; now it's long and getting longer. New blogs and entire websites with #chsocm focus emerge weekly.

In addition, ministers (lay and ordained) are becoming as comfy with blogging about social media as they are about theology, vocation, or parish and home life. I'm especially thrilled about this development.

Like everything else having to do with social media, this blog continues to change.

In the beginning, I viewed it as a place to post information and tips about church social media in general as well as specific platforms. Posts were written by me and others. For a while I had fun posting cartoons as "Friday Fun" and finding content for QOTD. Book reviews and images to celebrate holy days were also in the mix.

Always at the core? Transcripts of weekly #chsocm chats, although those, too, have changed over time. Transcript posts now include a headnote summarizing content, a list of topics discussed, and information about who was moderating.

#ChSocM chat transcripts will be archived here for as long as the chat continues

What else should be posted to this blog?

I don't know! Maybe something from you?

You're invited to consider posting original or cross-posted content to this blog, especially if something emerges out of a #chsocm chat or conversation on Twitter.

Editorial  Realities: 
1) 350-400 words max! If your post is longer, consider generating a mini-series of posts.
2) I edit all posts for online readability.
3) Personal opinion essays are welcome; humor even more so!  
Ping me: @meredithgould or send email: meredith (at)

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