Friday, November 9, 2012

Church Social Media Alert: Pinterest Announces Secret Boards

As people of faith we're exhorted throughout Hebrew and Christian scripture to be truth-tellers and open about our plans, but I didn't let that ding my delight at seeing this new goody rolled out from Pinterest: Secret Boards.

Pinterest now makes it possible to lock down boards so that you and only you can see what's on them unless, of course, you invite anyone else to share.

Earlier this morning, #chsocm chat participant Julie Stecker (@ohxjulie) tweeted, "This makes gift-giving so much easier!"  Had to laugh because I was thinking, "This makes avoiding criticism for muttering to myself so much easier!"

The opportunity to create a trinity of secret boards will pop up immediately when you click on "Boards." For my personal account I created one tamely titled, "Just for Me." I might rename it, "No One's Beeswax but Mine."

Won't be setting up secret boards for our #ChSocM Pinterest  account (See: Isaiah 29:15).*  But maybe there are good reasons to set them up for your church or ministry? Please use the comments box to tell us how you might use this feature for church social media.

Another goody: You can now rearrange boards. Time to move those Advent boards to the top!

*Isaiah 29:15: Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord..."

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