Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#ChSocM Transcript: "Questions to Visit & Revisit"

Questions to visit/revisit no matter where our ministry is 

This week's chat moderated by Seth Hinz (@sethhinz)

T1: What advice would you give someone starting a new job in church communication?
T2: What tools and resources do you use to keep your communications organized?
T3: How did you establish the voice and tone for your organization?
T4: The #1 tip you would give someone who needs to shift the voice / tone of their organization?
T5: How did you determine what types of content your organization would produce?
T6: How do you ensure that your online presence matches with your in-person church community?
T7: What resources & tools would be helpful for a person just starting out? Books, articles, blogs, etc?

Read the transcript on Storify

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