Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#ChSocM Transcript: Training Your Church's Social Media Team

We chatted about setting up the optimal
team for social media success.

This week's chat moderated by Neal Fischer (@nealffischer)

T1: Who should be involved in your #chsocm decision-making team and what areas of expertise will they help to provide?
T1a: Do you have the right people available internally to make this happen? If not, what outside resources would help you? #chsocm
T2: What are some questions you’ll need answered in order for your Church’s #chsocm training to provide a consistent message?
T2a: What are your goals when training staff/volunteers for #chsocm? What would you like them to be able to do?
T2b: What training would you require your staff/volunteers complete in order to have access to official #chsocm accounts?
T3. How would you measure the #chsocm staff/volunteers consistency and ability to reach your objectives?
T4. Once you have a training program in place, what steps would you take to keep the info. current and consistent for your #chsocm team?
T5: Where will you house your #chsocm team training materials?

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