Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Social Media During Challenging Times and TimeLine Interactions

Challenging times and current events 
make for challenging conversations. 
We chatted about getting out of the echo chamber 
and becoming able to read/hear/see 
diverse opinions strongly expressed

This week's chat moderated by Katy Dunigan (@KDunigan)

T1: How has social media made a difference in the U.S. conversation this last week?
T1A: Provide an example of something you saw/read/heard that ministered to you during this past week.
T2 Part 1: SM can be an echo chamber (i.e. listening to & talking w/people like you.)
T2 Part 2: How do you find differing voices to learn from & listen to?
T2A: What/who is your “go to” source for alternative viewpoints?
T3: How do you manage diverse, disagreeing voices in your TL? Ignore? Unfollow? Read? Respond?
T3A Sometimes conversation is heated. What’s the difference between passionate disagreement & trolling?
T3B When have you observed online disagreements produce changed conversation & debate?
Inspiration/last thought: What can you do this coming week to spur & encourage productive conversation & debate?

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