Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Our Stories As Shareable Content

Our stories are "content." How do we encourage
more people to share that content?

This week's chat moderated by Paul Steinbrueck 

Pre-reading for tonight's #ChSocM chat... Church Social Media from the Bottom Up - http://j.mp/1cCrKVB

T1: How many people your church have stories, insight and experiences from God?
T1a: How many people in your church provide your church's social media content?
T1b: Why is there such a gap between those experiencing God and those sharing those experiences through your church's social media?
T2: What types of things are the "average people" in your church already sharing that your church could better leverage?
T2a: Are you as a #ChSocM leader looking for content for your members to retweet/share?
T3: What types of content could the "average people in your church share more of with a little encouragement?
T4: What ideas do you have for sharing more people's stories, insights, posts, pics, etc. through your church's social media?

#ChSocM Final thoughts: 

  • What if instead of thinkng "How can I get more people to share the church's content?" we thought, "How can the church share more people's content?"
  • What if we thought of ourselves as curators of our congregation's God stories? 
  • Who is up for trying to turn #ChSocM up-side-down and share more content from the people rather than just from the leaders?

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