Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Building Online Communities

Chatting about building online communities: 
what they are, how ministries use them, 
and benefits of investing in them. 

This week's chat moderated by Seth Hinz (@sethhinz

T1: How would you define an “online community”? What are the characteristics of online community?
T1a: In an online sense, what are the distinguishing characteristics of a community vs. a group?
T2: Outside of #chsocm, which online communities do you value? Why?
T3: What are the best platforms for building digital communities? What features make them work for you?
T4: Tell us about a time you were surprised by the support of an online community
T5: If you could lead an online community around anything, what would it be?
T6: How could you encourage offline members of your church community to join online communities?

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