Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: Ideas for Observing Holy Days (Pentecost) and Other Celebrations

Sharing ideas for holy days, like Pentecost, 
and happy moments, like graduations,
in the coming months.

This week's chat moderated by Regina Heater (@reckshow)

T1: What’s a #chsocm -specific way to celebrate Mother’s Day?
T2: How can you use #chsocm to be sensitive to & honor women who are not mothers?
T3: Pentecost is May 24. Let’s brainstorm some #chsocm-specific ways to share abt it. Go!

This time of year can be busy with milestone moments like Communions & Confirmations.
T4: What milestone moments will your community celebrate between now & summer?
T4a: How will you incorporate #chsocm into these milestones?
TBonus: What caught your eye this week on the interwebs? hashtag? video? another chat? image? Share!

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