Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Dealing with Trolls!

We chatted about the ongoing challenge of dealing with trolls.

This week's chat moderated by Carolyn Clement (@SingingCarolyn)
T1: Have any of you experienced or seen trolling on church social media or other places? Can you tell us about it?
T2: What are some of the least effective ways to respond to trolls?
T3: What are some of the most effective ways to respond to trolls?
T4: Does fear of trolling ever cause those in leadership to want to avoid using social media?
T4a: What can we say & do to help leadership (and ourselves) get over fear of trolls?
T5: How can we defend those who are being trolled?
T6: “And who is my neighbor?” If trolls are our neighbors, how does that affect our response?

Read the transcript on Storify.

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