Monday, June 30, 2014

#ChSocM Chat Preview: #SMSunday Lessons Learned

Well, wasn't Social Media Sunday (#SMSunday) a romp?!?

It's Monday and @Storify transcripts plus other goodies are being posted to Twitter and Facebook; the event is being discussed on blogs; analytics are being collected; and we'll be discussing lessons learned during our weekly #ChSocM chat tomorrow at 9PM ET.

My prayerful fantasy is that yesterday we saw, in real time, a tipping point for #ChSocM. Get ready to discuss yours and prep by taking a gander at these (probable)
T1: In addition to #Episcopal churches, which ones participated in #SMSunday on 6/29/14?
T2: What about #SMSunday worked?
T2a: What was your most unexpected outcome?
T3: What was your most effective tactic for promoting #SMSunday?
T4: What about #SMSunday could have worked better?
T5: What's your best advice for planning #SMSunday in the future?
T6: How are you following up #SMSunday?
Moderating tomorrow night's chat: Meredith Gould (@meredithgould) 

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