Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ChSocM (Church Social Media) Chat Transcript: Searching and Finding Information about Social Media for Church

I don't need to know everything; 
I just need to know where to find it, when I need it. 
-- Albert Einstein

This week's chat moderated by Paul Steinbrueck (@paulsteinbrueck)

T1:  What do you do when you are planning to start something new in #ChSocM and you want to learn more about how to do it well? (New goal, platform, tactic, metric, tool, or anything else)
T1a: What type of media do you prefer for learning new things a/b #ChSocM (books, blog posts, videos, conferences, other people?)
T1b: Do you tend to look for resources in the #ChSocM niche or the broader social media area?
T1c: Esp for those who cited Google... How do you determine which resources are credible, most helpful?
T2: Where do you go when you have a specific, detailed question/problem with #ChSocM?
T2a: Do you prefer to ask questions privately to individuals or in an online group (like a Facebook group)?
T3: #ChSocM has a Twitter profile, FB page, Pintrest, a blog of transcripts & a wiki. Which of these do u find most helpful?
T3a: Is there a platform or other type of resource you wish the #ChSocM community used or provided?
T3b: What can you do to expand and improve the #ChSocM resources available?

Find the transcript on Storify.


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