Monday, March 24, 2014

Church Social Media Chat Prep: Get Ready to Share Your Wisdom

Thanks to the Center for CongregationsI recently had the pleasure and privilege of delivering day-long church social media workshops. One day in Indianapolis; the next in Ft. Wayne.

Both days involved spending time with people from across denominations, united in their desire to use social media to be and do church. Both days, I got to meet Twitter buds. Both days killed my feet.

At both venues, I asked Center for Congregations staffers to hand out good old-fashioned index cards so that workshop participants could respond to this question, "What is the one thing you most want to learn during the workshop?"

I asked because I truly wanted to know, so I could deliver information they most wanted and needed. But I was also interested in seeing if and how questions change over time, especially as digital ministry becomes more accepted.

So instead of dumping the cards, I brought them home to share during this week's #chsocm chat. Not to worry -- we won't be slamming through all 200 questions, but get ready to share your wisdom on a variety of topics at 9:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday, March 25.

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