Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrating Epiphany with a Wiki!

Happy 2014 and guess what? 
We now have a #ChSocM wiki! 

Big thanks to Beth Felice (@bfelice) for suggesting the wikispaces platform and getting our #ChSocM wiki set up. 

Why a wiki? By the end of 2013, this became clear: 

  1. Our chat transcripts were loaded with gems that probably needed to be mined for the greater benefit of all; 
  2. Themes were emerging relative to what people generally want to know about using social media in a church/faith community context; and 
  3. A knowledge-and-resource-rich community had emerged since we started in 2011.
Setting up a wiki seemed a logical next step, so here we are.

Vision: A place to share our experiences with what works and what doesn't/hasn't relative to social media in the context of building church and deepening faith, but also -- maybe? hopefully -- a place to share personal stories about communications ministry.

For now, this is a "protected wiki," meaning that content can be viewed by the public but only invited members may edit or add to content. For now. Want an invite? Send an email to: Meredith Gould or direct message to @meredithgould.

Let the fun...continue!

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