Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#ChSocM Chat: Outreach, Evaluating Platforms & Implementation

The good news: we chatted about using social media for outreach, evaluating new platforms, and implementing them. The bad news is that CoverItLive...didn't. 

BUT...this week's moderator, Neal Fischer (@nealffischer) recreated the transcript from tweets and it's now posted on Slideshare

The topics:
T1: What do you see as the most effective method of outreach for the Church? (i.e. Radio, TV, Paper, Social Media, etc.) 
T1a: If you said social media, what platform is most effective for you?
T2: On a number of occasions we've talked about "having a plan." Name one goal in your #chsocm plan.
T2: Is your goal measurable? If so, how do you know if you are successful in reaching your goal? 
T3: What distinguishes your social media implementations from every other Church’s? What makes yours unique?
T4: With new social networks popping up, seemingly daily, how do you evaluate new networks for Church use? 
T5: How do you implement a new social media network in your setting? Do you need approval? From whom? Who is involved? 
T6: What, if any, are the restrictions or limitations on social media activities in your setting? 

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