Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#ChSocM Chat Transcript: 5/21/13 | Joining Conversations

Despite Twitter glitches, we managed to chat about 
joining ongoing conversations and 
keeping social media social and civil.

The topics: 
T1: Do you & if so, how frequently do you jump into conversations already going on among folks on #chsocm?
T1a: If you join an ongoing conversation, how do you “jump in”?
T1b: What’s your best counsel about joining a conversation already in progress?
T2: How do the rules for joining a convo on social media differ from joining on during church social hour or at a party? 
T3: Assuming people of good will, what do you do when a convo starts getting derailed by tone/lack of civility?
T3a: What advice would you give to a newbie to #chsocm about joining in on conversations in progress?

This week's chat moderated with no shortage of frustration by Meredith Gould (@meredithgould)

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