Monday, October 22, 2012

Church Going Mobile or Left Behind?

Over a year ago, the Pew Internet Project reported that 83% of US adults have some kind of cell phone and 42% of them own a smartphone. I'm guessing those percentages are now higher and climbing. 

I love the irony inherent in declaring this: mobile is here to stay. 

Mobile is here to stay. Will the Church and her ministers keep pace and embrace or will we be left behind? There's more to the smartphone conversation than whether or not anyone should be allowed to tweet or text during worship. A lot more. 

How are smartphones and mobile apps already changing the way we preach the gospel and minister to others comes immediately to (my) mind. So, what's happening in your pews and parking lots? Join us at 9PM EDT on Tuesday, October 23 and let's chat!

This was posted during a gathering of ELCA Gulf Coast Synod leadership this past Saturday. I was delighted by the speed and frequency with which it was re-tweeted proving, among other things, the value of following the #chsocm hashtag. Thanks be to God and technology.

"Bp Mike" is Bishop Mike Rinehart (@BreadTweet), one of a growing number of bishops across denominations who not only understand and embrace digital technologies for ministry, but encourage others to do so as well.* 

*Has anyone yet compiled a list of bishops from all denominations who are on Twitter? That would be groovy.

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