Saturday, September 29, 2012

Social Media Bulletin Announcement

I have written elsewhere about how I feel about using social media during worship. (Hint: I'm for it). As Megan and I got the worship materials ready for our wedding, we knew we want to include something about using social media during our wedding service. This is the announcement that we put in our worship bulletin for the wedding:

About Technology
We love technology, and the ways it allows us to stay connected to one another. As we are gathered here in this place, people across the country are also watching this worship service online. You are welcome to use your personal technology during the service—take pictures with your phone, tweet about the ceremony, share your experience on facebook. We believe that sharing in this way creates community and connects us with those who cannot be present today. We only ask that you refrain from using a flash during the worship service. Hashtags for the wedding: #epicenterofmatrimony and #megarev

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