Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Church Social Media and an Undivided Life QOTD (Quote of the Day)

In the beginning, social media can seem like all fun and games, but that starts to shift. Ongoing engagement, especially with people of faith who see the value of using social media in the service of church and faith, brings deeper issues to the surface. Sophia Agtarap (@SophiaKris) explores this in a recent post titled, "The Undivided Life: Social Media, Authenticity, Vulnerability." Consider this and the kicker question she asks, then check out the entire post to read the connective tissue.

i say, the relationships you build online seem to offer a different degree of emotional investment and require a level of vulnerability that’s uncomfortable....i’ve come to the conclusion that until we see the communities we've formed on social media just as real as our communities in real life, we’ll continue living lives divided, sharing only a part of ourselves because we know that we can hide behind our screens and smart phones and tune in and out at will or peace out when things get too close for comfort.

that’s not the life i choose to live. what about you?

─  Sophia Agtarap

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