Monday, July 2, 2012

Church Social Media Tweetchat's Almost Anniversary

You know how it goes on Twitter, right? Someone posts something, then someone responds, another few people jump in and then everyone gets on with their day or something else happens.

We have plenty of examples of "something else" happening as a result of these pick-up games. Our weekly #ChSocM (church social media) chat is yet another.

It's now almost one year later and so much has happened.

Truth to tell, I can't fully remember who was in on the conversation that led to me setting up @chsocm and launching the first tweetchat on July 12, 2011. I know Penny Nash (@penelopepiscopl) was there from the beginning and helped me this blog started. Within weeks, participants like Anjanette Wiley (@AnjWiley) and David Hansen (@Rev_David) were contributing posts.

By October, #chsocm was firmly established as the hashtag to tag content and conversation about church social media, a blessed event that is memorized on the Facebook account that David Hansen set up in February 2012.

And there's more! Like what? Join us tomorrow (July 3) at 9PM ET and let's chat about what you've experienced and seen emerge in the world of church social media during the past year.

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