Monday, February 27, 2012

Social Media . . . Spring Cleaning?

Read my stuff and you'll know I'm keen on tidying up throughout the year. Don't need no stinkin' spring to get into a cleaning frenzy. (And what constitutes spring when there hasn't been a winter? My latest angst/rant here.)

This weekend's So-Called Spring Cleaning was dedicated to tidying up online accounts, something I always mean to do, at minimum, every six-to-eight weeks, but that never quite happens. See below for what was on my To Do list this weekend.

  • Blogs: check tags for accuracy and value; check feed and options; check automatic posting functions; add/delete widgets; check content and links on static pages.
  • Evernote: rename notebooks; reconfigure tags; delete obsolete files.
  • Facebook: clean out timeline; reassess friends list; reconfigure categories for friends; reassess links to "Likes" and Pages; check settings, especially privacy settings.
  • Google+: Ignore!
  • Linked-In: check settings; revised content; add search tags; search for and add colleagues; review endorsements and ask colleagues/clients for more.
  • Pinterest: check settings; assess whether individual boards should become group boards; review personal blogs for images to pin; review board descriptions.
  • Slideshare: check settings; delete obsolete content.
  • Twitter: block spammers; follow back people who provide great content and conversation; check all settings; update bio.
  • YouTube: review saved material and categories.

What's missing from my list? What's on yours?

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Pastor David said...

I would also recommed for cleaning up your twitter feed. I've found it very helpful.