Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Examples from a #ChSocM Chat Regular

After this week's chat, I invited folks to provide examples and explanations about their engagement with Pinterest. Here's what landed in my email box from Regina Heater (@reckshow). Please feel free to post links to some of your favorite boards in the comments box or over on our Facebook page. Yes! We're now on FB!

I’ve been on Pinterest for about a year, but didn’t use it much until this past Fall when I started renewing my effort to do engage in creative projects. Although it’s a form of social media, I didn’t set out to pin things to share with other people. I still pin mostly for myself! Sharing is a by-product. 

My favorite things to pin are inspirational quotations, geeky stuff from Doctor Who, and ideas or artwork specific to a church season or reading I’m engaging with as I pray. I recently started creating my own printable word art, inspired by ones I’ve found on Pinterest. 
  • General images of saints here.
  • Ideas and images for Lent here.  
  • Collection of art for epiphany here.  
  • Quotations that inspire and bring me joy (my favorite board) here.          
  • My board of geekdom, especially Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Firefly. I’m including this board because I dream of a Christianity that’s as compelling to people as Doctor Who is to its fans, where people are inspired to create and share images and ideas with one another because it’s just so darn cool.
P.S. Check out what UUCA (Unitarian Unversalist Congregation of Atlanta) is doing here. Love how they pin things onto boards that correlate to their core beliefs and principles,


Fran said...

As someone with a completely blank Pinterest I needed to see this post!

Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing these boards, Regina! I particularly love the first board, art of faith. Much repinning going on!

Meredith Gould said...

What I said during the chat and am going on about this week is how starved we all seem to be for art and beauty. The Roman Church was always a great supporter and repository of the arts. The Orthodox Church has its icons which are forms of prayer but often get perceived as art.

In my rarely humble opinion, art and music has become dumbed-down along with just about everything else. My heart and spirit lifts to see people pinning such gorgeous images that represent faith.

Blue Eyed Ennis said...

Another wonderful resource. Visual imagery is hugely important in our culture. Thanks so much.

Meredith Gould said...

Dear Anonymous,
We do not, as a matter of policy, post anonymous comments.