Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Social Technographics:Where Are You on the Forrester Ladder?

Since 2007, Forrester's Social Technographics "ladder" has helped n00bs and long-timers conceptualize social media engagement. Read Charlene Li's Executive Summary of her work with Josh Bernoff, here. What you see below is a revised graphic of the ladder, one that includes "Conversationalists." Read Josh Bernoff's commentary about adding Twitter, here.

What does this infographic have to do with church social media? Swap the words "people of faith" or "church" or "clergy" or "faith-based institutions/organizations" for the word "consumer" and let's chat!


LKT said...

I hadn't thought of it until the #chsocm chat this evening, but I do think there's another group: curators who share things they've found with others, by retweeting or bookmarking or posting links on FB or Google+. A very useful group because they connect many of the others.

Jim Kane said...

Thanks for this chart Meredith. My first thought is that I am up and down this ladder all the time! Having this graph is an aid to me as I am doing on-going reflection about social media and ministry.