Monday, September 12, 2011

Social Media Policies

Social media policies for churches and other faith-based organizations?

For every person who sighs with relief, another one groans with frustration when this issue is raised.

Proponents generally argue it's important to have everything clarified and codified; that relying on ever-elusive common sense is a big mistake; that such policies come under the heading of must-have best practices.

Opponents generally argue social media policies are unnecessary; people of faith need to be trusted to use good judgment and act in alignment with professed faith; that such policies come under the heading of yet more institutionalized church bureaucracy.

Word to the wise: Do not waste precious energy trying to guess who (e.g., clergy, lay leadership, church administrators, church communications pros) ends up on which side of this debate. Do take a look at the following resources and commentary and let's chat!

Paul Steinbrueck, Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy? (Christian Web Trends)

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Social Media Policy 
Lauren Hunter, Does Your Church Have a Social Media Policy? (Church Tech Today)
Anna Belle Leiserson, Resources for Church Social Media Policies (Faith and Web)


@PaulSteinbrueck said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's chat! And thanks for the link!

Meredith Gould said...

I'm someone who sighs with relief AND groans with frustration when it comes to establishing social media guidelines/policies.

My relief comes from wanting to believe this means people are taking social media seriously.

My frustration comes from realizing that "common sense" and "good judgment" are in short supply; also from dealing with the glacial speed at which anything relative to church seems to get done.