Friday, August 12, 2011

QOTD (Quote of the Day)

From where I sit -- in front of multiple computer screens, one of which includes Tweetdeck -- it looks like the hashtag (#ChSocM) is indeed being used in between Tuesday night chats for content and conversation about church social media.

I'm also noticing how other "stuff " is starting to surface: a bit of spam, some shameless self-promotion, and pockets of passionate positioning. Such is the nature of community, whether that community is emerging or already established.

And let's get real: everything gets intensified whenever matters of church and faith are involved, which is why I offer this quote from Rabbi Joshua Hammerman for prayerful consideration:

When communications break down among human beings, a sacred bond is severed; and God no longer resides between the parties as the promoter of love and relationship.

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman Seeking God in Cyberspace

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