Sunday, August 14, 2011

Putting the How and Why Together

Our conversations about church social media have become both thoughtful and lively, during our chats and during the weekdays in between.

We're becoming friends with one another and beginning to recognize  similarities and differences among us -- large church communicators, diocesan staff, small church volunteers, clergy from parishes of all sizes all engaged in ministry and using social media to minister.

My response? Yay!

Sometimes when we are learning a new thing, though, we get so caught up in the "how" or the "new shiny" factor that the "why" of what we're doing fades from view.

But instead of regaling you with a lot of text about how our "why" and our "how" need to kiss each other like righteousness and peace (Psalm 85:10), I'll share a story:

A church in our diocese blessed backpacks and briefcases this morning. Kids and adults showed up with carry-alls of various types. In addition to blessings, each person received a compass to clip to the zipper with a tag reading, "Guide our feet into the path of peace."  A symbol serving as a nice reminder that God goes with us to school -- and everywhere else. 

How do I know this?

I read it on Facebook. Not on the church's page but on the page of someone whose briefcase received a blessing and compass. All her friends will see it, too.

I'm interested in seeing if the church posts something about it tomorrow, along with photos or a video. But for now, I'm reminded that people are out there spreading all kinds of information via social media.  Let's give them some good news to pass along.


Fran said...

I've been enjoying reading all of this and look forwarding to getting myself on a tweetchat soon. I like that you say that we shouldn't get caught up in the "how," something I often get stuck in!

Penelopepiscopal said...

Thanks, Fran! Getting stuck in the how is so easy when we are learning new things. (I know this from experience!)

Look forward to seeing you at a tweetchat soon.