Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best Practices: Using a Hashtag

If you weren't already smitten with hashtags, hopefully my previous post about setting them up has convinced you of their value.

Okay, so you've named and claimed your hashtag, now what? Here, I'm focusing on how to use a hashtag during an event (e.g., conference, convention, assembly, meeting, workshop).

Establish permission to tweet from the get-go:
  • In addition to including the hashtag in all materials/handouts, announce what it is and invite attendees to tweet during opening/welcoming comments.
  • Encourage presenters to include the official hashtag on their materials, especially on slides being broadcasted.
  • Offer attendees a crash-course in using Twitter or at least how to follow your hashtag on Twitter.

If you're organizing an event:
  • designate someone to post content and color commentary with the hashtag
  • consider issuing a press pass to anyone who can make a credible case for live-tweeting your event
  • monitor what's showing up with the hashtag attached 

That's it, but unlike simply setting up a hashtag, not so easy peasy to establish as a best practice in the world of church communications. Yet.

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