Sunday, July 17, 2011

Social Media: Don't Be That Church

Yes, I -- @meredithgould -- created this video. Here's some all-about-me trivia for you: I started out as a line illustrator and graphic artist; was a non-graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. This was long before I came under the thrall of Sociology or started writing for a so-called living. Playing with the Xtranormal technology this weekend has made me a bit nostalgic for that earlier career. 


Dan Webster said...

Oy vey, have I heard this from a lot of church folks. But I suspect it was much the same when the first TV came into our homes, or the first telephone, first radio, first book. Those of a certain age will recall Bishop Fulton J. Sheen using TV when it was in its infancy. Somewhere I read something about, Do not be afraid. Hope we take it to heart with social media.

Paul Brian Campbell, S.J. said...


You never cease to amaze me. Where did the guy's voice come from? Did you just choose "Stuffy Middle-Class Englishman" from a pull down window or did you actually pay someone to sound like that?


Meredith Gould said...

Xtranormal offers several voice options and of the two "UK English Male" choices, I went with the stuffier. I also wrote the script to optimize the accent, e.g., using "mobile" instead of "cell" phone. And I could not resist using "whilst."

Of course I had to explain that I was not picking on Anglicans. Where would I get the time? I'm very busy Having Fun with my own church.

Steve Woodruff said...

Whilst - perfect touch! I think I saw that in a bulletin or on a marquee somewhere..