Friday, July 15, 2011

QOTD (Quote of the Day)

Here's how social media works and works well. A tweet posted late tonight by Penny Nash (@penelopepiscopl) about an article in Episcopal Cafe (@episcopalcafe) titled, "The Social Media Imperative," led me to yet another article from which I've pulled this quote.

More specifically, this is part of Margaret Feinberg's (@mafeinberg) more lengthy response to a question about helping church communicators get beyond stumbling blocks to using social media:

...recognize that the social media world is messy. You're going to see people post ugly comments. You're going to encounter images that make you blush. You're going to find out that what happens in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. But if we, as the church, as passionate followers of Jesus, aren't intentional about engaging and shaping the conversation taking place in the online world, then someone else will. And I have a hunch you won't like what they're saying.

─ Margaret Feinberg

 Read the entire article here.

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Penelopepiscopal said...

And another quote I love from Margaret's article: First, make sure the person who handles communication in your church loves social media. If the person you're considering for the role hears the word "Mac" and thinks of a quarter pounder with fries, you're not choosing wisely.